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Breeding bird survey in Norway: new beginning

For a second year in a row I will be hired by BirdLife Norway and the Norwegian Scientific institute (NINA) to conduct a breeding bird survey in the Arctic. This time I shall aim to conduct the survey along 15 routes in opposed to 11 routes that I did last year. The bird survey includes point counts every 300 m along 8 km long routes. Results are used to produce species trends. Data from previous assessments of species trends can be found here.

Here is a day to day description of my trip in Norway in 2014. This year I will try again to keep a note on my every day trip which should be rather exciting. In my breaks I have planned a trip to watch whales, photograph seals and Puffins and other birds. Will do some landscape photography and some birdwatching. Well I still struggle with the luggage but cope with this.

Just like last year, I shall be camping most of the time but will try to update my blog here. Stay tuned for more birding stories and pictures. Feel free to subscribe here for automatic notifications to my posts.

2 thoughts on “Breeding bird survey in Norway: new beginning”

  1. Jacques Van Impe

    Dear Dr.
    Some years ago, i red that some cases of breeding of Anser brachyrhynchus
    were known in the north of Norway. I think these communications originated from the Swedish ornithologist Hakon Persson. Is it possible?
    I did not find this species listed in Norsk Fugleatlas.

    I am much indebted to You for the information You can give me
    With all my wishes for 2011
    Dr. vet. Jacques Van Impe

    1. Dear Jackues Van Impe, I think Anser brachyrhynchus does not breeds on continental Norway but breeds on Svalbard, which is a Norwegian island.

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