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Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 6

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That’s what the days should be like. Early morning start for bright weather with clear sky and lots of birds. Yes it could be in Norway. I know it doesn’t happen often but here we are. Woke up just on time to witness the bright sky with no mist. Enthusiastically grabbed my gear and off I went. Birds were pretty active. I wouldn’t say more than in rainy days. These birds are apparently used to the rain as people are.

Started the survey with a few Redwings, Siskin, Redpoll and the usual Brambling and Willow Tit. Further along a heard a funny noise I haven’t heard before. Looked carefully and there it was a Brambling was mobbing a Hawk Owl… J I have seen them only once couple of years ago and it was great to see it again. Lovely birds. Of course I didn’t have my camera with me J Left the bird alone and continued my duties.
Soon I was on the top of a hillside overlooking the whole fjord. What a view! In clear sky you can enjoy it even more 😉 There wasn’t much light yet but it was still very beautiful. The problem is, how to get down to my survey points. I must have taken the wrong route. Well there is no route. I only have points and there is no trail whatsoever. So I took the scenic route. Well I don’t mind. Did I say it was beautiful? J

With a lot of luck and some climbing skills I managed to come down safely. It was quite a challenge. Soon I was again the house ready to pack my staff and leave to the next point. Quickly entered the observations from today into a spreadsheet not to loose the data and did some final preparation before I leave.

On my way out I decided to give a try to the Hawk Owl and check if it was still there. I slowly approached the place and looked at the same perch but the bird wasn’t there. However a strange noise was coming from the forest where the bird was and I decided to pull out. Grabbed my camera and off I went to search for it. It didn’t take me long to find it. Once I approached the forest the bird started calling. Even more, it attacked me. It had its chicks sitting there on some branches. Apparently I was disturbing it so made a few pictures and off I went.

Here i am back on the road …on my way to the north…my lovely girlfriend was coming over and I wanted to be on time to pick her up.

On my way to the north I stopped at one more place which looked rather interesting – An Arctic Wildlife Centre. They seem to have quite a few arctic animals there wondering in big enclosures in their natural habitat. These would be superb conditions for photos. Since it was raining and I suppose that my girlfriend will want to see these animals too, I decided not to enter the wildlife centre but postpone it for later on during the trip.

My girlfriend arrived late in the evening and we drove for quite some time before we had reached the place for my survey route on the next day or should I say in a couple of hours. It was about 1 a.m. when we got to sleep and I had to be up at 3. Hard work that one would be. Off to bed…

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