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Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 5

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Another rainy day. At the foot of route 1905.

The alarm did ring and I did hear it but once I looked outside I said no, it would not be another wet day. It was pouring rain and i decided to stay indoors. Back to bed. I got up an hour later though. It wasn’t even 6. With this time schedule I got used to early starts.

So the weather didn’t change for most of the day. Rain, rain, rain. I was only going out for firewood. I used the time to catch up with a very needed break, washing, writing and chatting. Also managed to talk and see my lovely girlfriend on skype who I really miss very much.

The Sun came out in the late afternoon. The forecast for the coming days looks very promising so hopefully I shall be able to attack the route tomorrow. The mountain looks calm now but see what happens tomorrow. You never know …

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