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Breeding bird survey in Norway: day 13

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We woke up full of enthusiasm to see the local bird life. Grabbed our staff and off we went to the north where our first survey point had to be. Walking was rather easy since there was very little vegetation and it wasn’t steep. Upon arrival a Willow grouse took off from a nest. This was a good start, wasn’t it.
We carried on with the survey which was rather pleasant. We were doing 4-5 points per hour which is what it should be. Had a few pairs of breeding Whimbrel, Redshank and Common Sandpiper. Further along we had a Black-throated Diver and Red-breasted Merganser. There was a small hill with some vegetation but nothing in comparison to the previous routes. We found a rather interesting a pleasant to touch bit of moss. It was rather soft and spongy. It probably takes quite some time to grow since it was very thick in comparison to other places where we saw the same thing.

The highlight of the route was a breeding Slavonian Greebe in breeding plumage. What a bird! This is the first one I see in this plumage.

Managed to finish with the plot at about 8,30. Really a relief after last days’ adventures. On the way back we had a pair of Greenshanks which were rather cautious around their nest and accompanied us long way away from their territory.

Enjoyed the morning and off we went towards Grytoy, an island to the north of Harstad where our last route was going to be. We had enough time and decided to stop for a while in the town to get an idea where we were. The town didn’t prove anything spectacular that is worth mentioning so we carried on to the ferry on our way to the island.

What a place! The ferry was an excitement by itself but the island looked superb. Gorgeous landscapes accompanied by a bit of worry about the route for the next day. On the map we had there was a sign for a place to stay and after the last days camping we decided to spend a night in a proper bed. Following the directions of the map we managed to find an absolutely gorgeous guest house.

landscape photography by Iordan Hristov
Grytoy island, copyright Iordan Hristov
landscape photography by Iordan Hristov
Grytoy island, copyright Iordan Hristov
It was a two stores house with a huge living room, five bedrooms, one kitchen and a superb relaxing lounge with a sea view. Well we deserved it. We really needed something like this. The place had everything of a contemporary modern house regardless of its remote location including internet. We had a lovely evening with a drink and a salad and managed to have a proper rest for the next day.

Grytoy island
view from our living room

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