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New birdwatching trip around Bulgaria starts today

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Just started a new birdwatching trip around Bulgaria with a group of 11 British birdwatchers. The group members have a variety of expectations and keen to see local specialities. They arrived in Sofia in the late morning and we departed to our first birding stop.

We bought some lunch from a local store and stopped just outside to have it. En route we had our first Roller. Shortly after our arrival we started adding birds to the list: Calandra Lark, Long-legged Buzzard, Black-headed Bunting, Spanish Sparrow, Isabelline Wheatear to name but a few.

Shortly after our departure to our next place we had to jump on the breaks for a gorgeous male Red-footed Falcon. At our next stop we got another goodie: a wryneck set nicely on the top of a tree as they do. Golden Oriole also sat still for some time. Red-rumped Swallows offered superb views sitting nicely on a tree together with a Black-headed Bunting and a Corn Bunting. That was quite a view. At certain point we were distracted by a Lesser grey Shrike sitting on the same tree where the wryneck was. On the other side of the road we increase the shrike list with two more species: Woodchat and Red-backed shrike. Then we logged a Turtle dove which sat on the wires a bit far but still offered good views.

It was getting late so we had to go. Rain was coming as well so we departed to our hotel. Just before our arrival a group member spotted a dipper in the river by the road. Just outside the hotel we ticked a Serin, Black Redstart and Wren. Thus we called it a day.

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