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Birdwatching trip in Bulgaria 2018 – 8 day trip, day 5

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Route: Burgas wetlands

Weather: warm 25-30 C

It was another great day of birding. After the move to the coast, the habitats are totally different so we started adding some new birds to the bird list. We started with Pygmy Cormotant, Dalmatian and White Pelican, Little Tern, Little Bittern, Great Reed Warbler, Garganey, Gadwall to name but a few.

Pygmy Cormorant

Before lunch we visited several spots around Burgas where we had Purple Heron, Glossy Ibis, Lesser spotted Eagle, Short-toed Eagle, Night Heron, Squacco Heron and lots of Marsh Harriers and White Pelicans. What a wonderful addition to our species trip list.

Marsh Harrier

We had a wonderful picnic on the bank of one of the lakes in the area and then took a walk onto one of the reserves here managed by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds. Poda is known as one of the richest in birds places in Europe. For its 1km2 it has over 260 species registered. The walk produced lots of Common Terns and Marsh Harriers. At least 5 pairs patrolled the area. We had more Dalmatian Pelicans, Spoobills, Glossy Ibis, lots of Pygmy Cormorants, Ferruginous Ducks and many more.

guide for a birding trip to Bulgaria

White Pelican

We were about to finish the day at the local saltpans with a few Avocets and a Little Tern but got some news for a location with Collared Pratincoles. It didn’t take me long to convince the group to go and see them and off we went. Just as we arrived two were flying about. A Tawny Pipit made appearance and so did a Black-headed Bunting. The Pratincoles stood on the ground giving us fantastic views through the telescope. “That will be my bird of the day”, concluded one of the group participants. After exciting end, we drove over to our hotel for well-deserved drinks.

What a fantastic day!

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