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Birdwatching in Bulgaria: tailored trip 8-15 March, day 6

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Today was mainly a travelling day. We did start with some birding around the area of our hotel aiming to find the illusive White-backed Woodpecker. Again our attempts were in vain. We went to checked locations that were known and also tried at some new places but the only woodpeckers we got were Grey-headed, Great-spotted, Lesser spotted and Black. I say the only because our main target was the White-backed. The Grey-headed were really nice. A female stood on a lovely beech tree only about 20 m from us. Really beautiful bird.

After these few attempts we headed to south. It was time for some more weather. We headed to Dadia, Greece where we would aim for the Black Vulture. About 5 hours later we were already watching it. The travel was fairly easy and fast. Upon arrival we were greeted by flocks of White Storks, groups of Common Buzzards and a couple of Black Kites and Black Storks. This is going to be quite a good birding around here in the next day.

We walked around the Dadia village and the Visitor Centre and logged Eastern Imperial Eagle. I gladly found out that my Egyptian Vulture picture was posted on a notice board right in front of the visitors’ centre. The day ended with a nice dinner in a local restaurant which served Greek Salad and Octopus.

Egyptian vulture photo
Egyptian vulture photo on the top by Iordan Hristov

Our intention for tomorrow is to visit the Vulture observatory and spend the morning around the area of the reserve. In the afternoon we shall travel back to Sofia.

Since our focus will be the birds of prey that are active later in the day, we don’t need to get up as early so the start tomorrow will be at 7,30 a.m.

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