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Birdwatching and photography trip around Bulgaria and Greece: 24.05-2.06, day 8

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The day was pretty quiet bird wise. Well at least in its first part and then the excitement came.
We started at 6,30 willing to give a try for a Rock Partridge which is seen in the area. We drove half way up a mountain road and then started walking hoping to see these lovely birds. There was also a chance for a few other birds but the weather was just nasty – rain, wind and mist with visibility of about 30 metres. Not the best time for Rock Partridge, is it? Well we had to try. That’s what we are here for.
We managed to see a Black Woodpecker blown up by the wind. Rather brave bird to fly in this weather. There was some activity of song birds though. We had a Rock Bunting and a Skylark was singing. Well not enough activity really. Soon we decided to go down the hill and change the place.

Along the way we had what we wanted to have. An Eastern Imperial Eagle was gracefully watching for prey about 50 m over the road. Then suddenly a Steppe Buzzard came over not happy of having it in its territory. Then a Kestrel came for support. It was quite a show after the morning quiet birding.

The next stop for the Partridge was even worse than the first – fog with 10 m visibility, wind and rain – beautiful weather. We made up our minds reasonably enough and went into a hotel for a hot capuchino, tea and lunch. In an hour or so doing not much we decided to change the location and go away from the mountains. Weather was slightly improving but still not enough for the mountain tops where the Rock Partridge was supposed to be.
Central Balkan mountains
view from the mountains
We stopped a few locations to enjoy the view and the Ring Ouzels feeding on the meadows. Red-backed Shrikes also had some activity but the live began once we were down in the lowlands. I decided to stop for some Sousliks. Upon our stop a Barred Warbler called so we had that. Then the birds started turning up – Isabelline Wheatear, Bee-eaters, Long-legged Buzzard, Little Ringed Plover, Black-headed Buntings, etc. Quite an excitement brought a calling Quail and our target for the place – the Souslik. We spent quite some time for it but I was really happy to do it.
Shortly we were already at hour hotel enjoy the drinks and the photos from the last hour of the day.

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