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Best Wallcreeper photos

best wallcreeper photos

Best Wallcreeper photos

I took some of my best Wallcreeper photos during a workshop i completed at the end of June 2020 in Bulgaria. I guided a Dutch photographer to one of the best sites for Wallcreeper photography in Europe. We spent three days in the area and had a total of 5 sessions with these amazing birds. Within these sessions, we had plenty of opportunities to photograph both male and female Wallcreepers. This was one of the few devoted sessions for wallcreeper photography after one i did some time ago. See the results from the previous session here.

In addition to Wallcreepers, we also photographed Dippers and Firecrest. See their images below.

The best site for wallcreeper photography in Europe

The site where we photographed the Wallcreepers is known as one of the best places in Europe to see and photograph the birds. Although the birds were not at eye level, we could still take superb images. The regular visits to the nesting site allowed us to take hundreds of photos.

Before this trip, i had to make a preliminary visit to confirm the nesting of the birds. This allowed me to get a lot of information and insight into the habits of the birds. Thus, it was interesting to see that they have identical path of visiting and leaving the nest. Often the birds flew right over our heads.

The amazing Wallcreepers

The wallcreeper is an absolutely amazing bird. They are incredibly small as many people do not suspect. The red colour on their wings is only seen when the birds spread them. This flashing of red on the wings is considered for a type of communication and a signal that birds use to show their presence. A pair has fairly large territory which can be 1km long and 500m high across a cliff-face. Usually only the female bird incubates the eggs and the male feeds her every hour or two. When the chicks hatch, both parents feed them and visit the nest every 5-10 min as the male is not as regular as the female.

Best Wallcreeper images

Here are some of my best wallcreeper photos i took. If you would like to make similar photos, feel free to drop me a line and visit me next year when i will be happy to take you to the place given that the birds nest at the same site.

best Wallcreeper photos

male Wallcreeper feeding his partner © Iordan Hristov 2020

best site for wallcreeper photography in Europe

Wallcreeper showing its superb red wings and dark throat © Iordan Hristov 2020

female Wallcreeper © Iordan Hristov 2020

best wallcreeper photos

the talons of Wallcreepers are specifically adapted to allow firm grip on vertical cliffs © Iordan Hristov 2020

the red wings of the Wallcreepers are shown only when the bird spread its wings © Iordan Hristov 2020

best wallcreeper photos

Female Wallcreeper with prey © Iordan Hristov 2020

flying Wallcreeper © Iordan Hristov 2020

best wallcreeper photos

Wallcreeper in flight © Iordan Hristov 2020

Here is a short video with some of the images


Firecrest photography

composing the object in its environment is one of the approaches i particularly like in my photography © Iordan Hristov 2020

Firecrest Regulus ignicapillus with prey © Iordan Hristov 2020

Firecrest photography © Iordan Hristov 2020

the superb crown of the Firecrest © Iordan Hristov 2020

Firecrest with food © Iordan Hristov 2020

6 thoughts on “Best Wallcreeper photos”

  1. Fantastic array of photographs and excellent video composition, you have a great talent. I am sure lots of people will benefit by spending a few days with you in the field.

  2. Iordan, with interest I read your report of our joint photo mission. It was indeed a breathtaking experience to spend 3 days with this unique bird. Your images are appealing. Especially compared to your previous recordings. Any subsequent experience will certainly contribute further to document this unique bird.

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